Get ready to fight the famous King of Iron Fist Tournament in 3D for the first time, with the arrival of TEKKEN 3D PRIME EDITION, in shops now for Nintendo 3DS!

Choose from over 40 characters and do battle on totally new stages alongside others redesigned especially for Nintendo 3DS. TEKKEN 3D PRIME EDITION makes the most of the Wi-Fi functionality of Nintendo 3DS, and delivers fast-paced dynamic battles with impressive graphics running at a high frame rate.

Also included on your Game Card  is an amazing full-length CGI movie in full 3D: TEKKEN BLOOD VENGEANCE. You can find out more on the movie and on any aspect of the game at our new TEKKEN 3D PRIME EDITION website, filled with details about the game as well as videos to whet your appetite.

TEKKEN 3D PRIME EDITION is available from shops now, only for Nintendo 3DS.